Fortigate's SSL VPN client isn't available via MSI with an easy options for mass deployment and configuration out of the box. You need to have a Fortinet Developer Network license to create a custom deploy image. Fortinet's after hours support is overseas and is adequate. Not stellar. Read full review

Following is a step-by-step tutorial for a site-to-site VPN between a Fortinet FortiGate and a Cisco ASA firewall. I am showing the screenshots of the GUIs in order to configure the VPN, as well as some CLI show commands. Setup Forticlient Remote Access VPN in FortiGate Firewall Sep 24, 2018 IPSec VPN Fails Phase 2 with Fortigate - Cisco Community I'm trying to do a site-to-site VPN with a vendor; their end is managed 3rd party and I'm connecting to a Fortigate - I can not get a connection to establish from my end. If they initiate the connection on their end it does work and I can ping across until the connection goes down - then I can not initiate it - it keeps failing at Phase 2. Forticlient - Next Generation Endpoint Protection

Nov 10, 2019

Oct 10, 2010

Cisco Umbrella vs FortiGate | TrustRadius

Cisco VPN | TravelingPacket - A blog of network musings Fortigate Fortios 5.0 SSL VPN Configuration; Fortigate interface Speed/duplex; Fortigate - Restart SSL VPN Process; Cisco WLC AP cert issue: %DTLS-3-HANDSHAKE_FAILURE; Fortigate - Finding MTU of an interface; Fortigate - How to create a default route with a dynamic connection. Fortigate - Ping and Traceroute options