Nov 21, 2019

To view a transit gateway multicast domain using the AWS CLI. Use the describe-transit-gateway-multicast-domains command. Add or remove tags for a transit gateway multicast domain Add tags to your resources to help organize and identify them, such as by purpose, owner, or environment. Multicast (IPTV) Over VPN - OpenVPN Support Forum Oct 26, 2016 IP multicast - Wikipedia IP multicast is a method of sending Internet Protocol (IP) datagrams to a group of interested receivers in a single transmission. It is the IP-specific form of multicast and is used for streaming media and other network applications. It uses specially reserved multicast address blocks in IPv4 and IPv6.. Protocols associated with IP multicast include Internet Group Management Protocol, Protocol

11.5.3 Sending Multicast Packets Within the VPN. SoftEther VPN Server's Virtual Hub has the same Ethernet frame conversion capabilities as a physical layer 2 switching hub. Therefore, it is possible to send multicast IP packets over a VPN.

Enable Multicast support on each individual interface that will be participating in the Multicast network. Navigate to Network | Interfaces | Click Advanced tab l Tick the checkbox Enable Multicast Support. Enable Multicast Support on the VPN policies. In the VPN Policy window, select the Advanced tab. M Series,MX Series,T Series,SRX Series. The Junos OS provides two types of draft-rosen multicast VPNs:

Cisco Content Hub - Configuring Multicast VPN Extranet Support

Understanding MVPN Concepts and Protocols, Supported Multicast VPN Standards, Example: Configuring PIM Join Load Balancing on Draft-Rosen Multicast VPN, MBGP Multicast VPN Sites, Example: Configuring MBGP Multicast VPNs, Segmented Inter-Area Point-to-Multipoint Label-Switched Paths Overview, Configuring Segmented Inter-Area P2MP LSP, Example: Configuring Segmented Inter …