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Setting Up Your Xbox before Playing - dummies 2020-7-20 · The offline profile doesn’t connect to Xbox Live by default. Use the offline profile if: • You aren’t hooking up your Xbox 360 to the Internet • You prefer to play games without Xbox Live. I am a member of Xbox Live; I want to join Xbox Live; Xbox Live requires a high-speed Internet connection. Creating an offline profile. An offline How to Connect an Xbox 360 to Your TV - 2020-3-27 · Once everything is hooked up, including the Xbox 360 power supply, turn on the console and TV and make sure the audio and video are working properly. If you don't see the Xbox 360 dashboard, check the connections and make sure they're in the right places. Also, make sure the TV is set … How to set up SKY on your Xbox 360 console The Xbox 360 console is a SKY-ready device that lets you watch movies and TV shows instantly on your TV set. To use your Xbox 360 as a SKY-ready device, you must associate it with your SKY Go account by activating it. Activation is a quick, one-time process. To set up SKY on your Xbox 360… Xbox | 官方网站

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2009-3-21 · how do you set a primary profile on xbox 360 I just bought an xbox 360 and since then there's been a constant battle of it with my step son and I his biggest issue is that my profile usually signs in first it's also the only live account one I just assumed becasue it was connected to live and it was created first that's why how ever after letting him play with it unsupervised his profile is

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