There are a small number free Usenet servers available around the world. They tend to be slower and less reliable than paid services. Also, they typically do not provide SSL connections, and they have a short article/binary retention time (10 – 100 days).

SSL-News review including retention, features, newsgroup server details and pricing plans. SERVER RETENTION. We offer access to browse through 104,000+ newsgroups with 1,100 binary days of binary retention and growing. The entire point of SSL is to protect against that. It's possible the NSA is far enough ahead, that they're able to break SSL (either from a heavily-guarded secret flaw in the algorithms, or with some single-purpose hardware chips), but it's more likely that they're focusing on the endpoints, and forcing companies to hand over data post-encryption. Giganews SSL Setup Instructions All Giganews memberships get SSL Usenet browsing encryption! Giganews now offers SSL Usenet browsing encryption for all memberships. This is the same encryption strength used by banking and financial websites. SSL gives you security, privacy and protection from rate limiting across all your Usenet activities. All UsenetServer plans includes unlimited Usenet access with 256-bit SSL encryption. You can transfer unlimited amounts of data with top speeds from their US and EU servers (note: many Usenet providers just have US or EU servers, not both), maximized by the high number of concurrent connections included with all of their plans. Support articles for's members, including setup guides, FAQ's, search and account information. Usenet Port & SSL Settings When connecting to a Usenet server, you often have a choice of ports. Port 119 is the standard port, though your Usenet service provider (USP) can change this.

Support articles for's members, including setup guides, FAQ's, search and account information.

With a 256-bit SSL encryption during the login process and connection, your data is fully protected Varied With over 200,000 newsgroups, in which new articles are posted daily, Usenet is the world's largest network. Usenet has stood the test of time since 1980 because it is dependable, easy, and secure. Files accessed on Usenet are sent over a decentralized network available over SSL encryption. Usenet History - Text files. Usenet initially started as a communication system and it quickly evolved to a worldwide distributed discussion system. Prepaid-Usenet review including retention, features, news servers, speeds and pricing plans. Block, pre-paid Usenet accounts. The SSL server will allow European users to enjoy the same 256 bit encryption served out of our Amsterdam server farm. SSL encryption provides security and privacy while using Usenet and Newsgroups services provided by SSL protocol allows two programs to communicate with each other in a secure way.

Prepaid-Usenet review including retention, features, news servers, speeds and pricing plans. Block, pre-paid Usenet accounts.

Newshosting has consistently provided outstanding USENET access since 1999 and meets all of our criteria fordes a top recommendation. This provider owns and operates its own servers in multiple locations worldwide, provides the fastest speeds, and offers the best retention – an important feature for accessing older USENET posts. Newshosting’s SSL encryption is 256-Bit. 256-Bit is the encryption standard used by governments and militaries around the world to secure classified information. To use SSL connections you must connect to an SSL port. In the Newshosting Usenet Browser, navigate to Preferences>Connection. Oct 30, 2019 · Security Available Ports; Unencrypted: 20, 23, 25, 119, 3128, 7000, 8000 and 9000: SSL: 563, 443 or 8080 Very happy Usenet. VPN is great for media blackouts. - Ludovic, Paris, FR. Recent news. Free Upgrade to Premium Servers! ThunderNews Announces New European SSL Usenet Server Launch! Discount for Cox, Comcast, Time Warner, Verizon and Sprint Customers! ThunderNews Offers 256 bit SSL NNTP Connections! gives you fast and easy access to Usenet, which provides over 200,000 newsgroups. As a leading global Usenet provider, has focused on the highest possible speed, security and level of service since its founding in 2009. Benefit from our 256-bit SSL encrypted newsgroup access to ensure your usage is private and secure. Prime Retention Prime binary and text retention rates with over 99% completion on all 104,000+ newsgroups supported. Giganews was the first provider to offer SSL to encrypt Usenet connections, to prevent ISP throttling and increase privacy. We also added VyprVPN to Giganews accounts to help our members increase their privacy and Internet freedom online.