Jan 22, 2015

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The SERVER port is typically between 27000 and 27009, and the VENDOR port number is typically between 1700 and 8000. Be sure to add the SERVER port and VENDOR port to the firewall exceptions. If the VENDOR port is specified on the floating license server, the FME running on the client machine must specify this port as well. To do this use the

File Service Protocol - Wikipedia File Service Protocol (FSP) is a UDP-based replacement for the File Transfer Protocol, designed for anonymous access with lower hardware and network requirements than FTP.In particular, because it uses UDP, it avoids the problems that many FTP servers have had with requiring a separate process for each client, [citation needed] and because it is built to use an unreliable protocol, it can more

May 27, 2011

Forward the external WAN port 3389 to the LAN IP address for the server. For RDP: Make sure to forward any port to the server’s internal port 3389. I use 3401 external port forwarded to the server’s LAN IP at port 3389. For Ubuntu’s built-in VNC: Make sure to forward port 5900 to the machine.